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Fantastic Four 3D online 2005

Fantastic Four 3D online 2005

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The cult action movie "Fantastic Four" 3d online, telling about the adventures of the first team of Marvel superheroes. Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Lady, the Human Torch and the Creature were invented back in 1961, and the premiere of the film about them took place almost half a century later, in 2005. The film adaptation of the famous comic has gained thousands of fans around the world and has been nominated for several awards, including Saturn as the best science fiction film. A company consisting of four young people goes on a space expedition. On the orbital station, they fall into a storm, and this event radically changes their fate: each member of the team receives a dose of radiation, thanks to which he acquires special abilities. Reed Richards discovers that his body has become plastic, like rubber. Susan Storm learns that she can become invisible, her younger brother Johnny gets the opportunity to fly and masterfully handle fire, and Ben Grimm literally becomes stone. The Fantastic Four decide to channel their abilities for the benefit of humanity.
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