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How do I get Premium on 3dmovies.club?
To watch a full 3D movies online, you need to register on the Hotlink.cc website and pay for Premium access for a certain period (a month or more)
You can also watch a Free fragment, a review of the film.

Choose any period for which you want to buy Premium access (we recommend buying immediately for a long period, as it is cheaper). For payment, you can choose any convenient payment method (there are more than 10 of them on the site)

Next, you need to register, enter your username and password to log in to your personal account (remember them)

Specify the details of your payment method

After the payment is completed, you will have access to any 3D movie for viewing and downloading at high speed! Also, by purchasing Premium Access, you get the opportunity to view other categories of video and audio content, this is another reason to buy Premium!

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