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The Wizard of Oz 3D online 1939

The Wizard of Oz 3D online 1939

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The first, still pre-war, film adaptation of the classic fairy tale by Frank Baum, which was released in 1939. In our country for a long time this work was known as an interpretation from the Soviet writer Alexander Volkov called "The Wizard of Oz" 3d online. However, despite the identical basis of these two works, they have very significant differences. You can verify this by watching a movie online. "The Wizard of Oz" tells about the incredible journey of an ordinary girl from Kansas to a fairyland, where she had to face many trials and dangers in trying to return home. During an unprecedented tornado, the girl Dorothy and her little dog Toto find themselves inside a house that is carried far beyond the rocky mountains. A wooden shack lands in an unusual and colorful place where strange creatures live, amazing plants grow, and all animals can talk. In search of a powerful wizard named Goodwin, Dorothy embarks on a long journey along the yellow brick road to ask the magician to bring her home.
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