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Sonic 2 3D online 2022

Sonic 2 3D online 2022

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The fastest and bluest hedgehog in the Sonic Universe ended up on our planet. Together with a new friend, Sheriff Tom, he confronts the brilliant supervillain Dr. Robotnik, who dreams of conquering the world. The character of the international media franchise based on the cult Japanese video games Sonic the Hedgehog, super-fast Sonic the Hedgehog hit the big screen 29 years after its inception. And again he faces his sworn enemy Doctor Eggman Robotnik in the enchanting performance of Jim Carrey.
Once upon a time, an amazing bright blue hedgehog in red sneakers came to Earth from very distant lands, able to move between worlds and develop supersonic speed. This strange alien is called Sonic: fleeing from persecution, he was forced to hide in the remote American outback. To brighten up loneliness, Sonic secretly observes the life of his neighbor - the modest provincial sheriff Tom. Ten years Sonic does not give himself away, and one fine day it provokes such a powerful release of energy that a whole army arrives on the scene along with the brilliant inventor Robotnik. Having learned about the fantastic alien, Dr. Robotnik unfolds a grandiose hunt for him in the movie Sonic 2 3d online.
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