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In the film rampage 3d online Davis Okoyi, a former special forces soldier, anti-poacher, and now an expert on monkeys, has long realized that it is much easier to communicate with animals than with people. He decided to devote the rest of his life to working in the California National Wildlife Refuge: here Davis controls the population of gorillas, and at the same time looks after his pet – an albino gorilla George, whom he once saved from death.

Once again taking over the shift, Davis discovers that during the night, George has undergone a monstrous change: he has become much larger, many times stronger and has turned into an unruly and furious beast. Trying to understand everything, Davis meets Dr. Kate Caldwell, who admits that the Energin Corporation and its experiments in the field of genetic engineering, which have got out of control, are behind everything that is happening. Kate herself was once involved in the development of" Energin", so she is the only one who can cure George.

It soon turns out that George is not the only animal that has suffered as a result of the corporation's mistakes: two more mutant animals are discovered in the country – a nine-meter wolf and a giant alligator. At the same time, the animals suddenly unite and rush to Chicago, threatening to wipe the city off the face of the earth. The Rampage movie, based on the 1980s video game of the same name

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