3d movies Online » How to watch 3D movies online on your Smartphone using an app Rekindle 3D
How to watch 3D movies online on your Smartphone using an app Rekindle 3D
If you want to watch 3d films but don't have a home 3d TV or VR glasses are too expensive for you, there is a solution. For this method, all you need is an android smartphone. Rekindle 3D player reproduces 3D effect on Android devices with 90-144Hz FPS. Most of present phones, tablets and TVs support these refresh rates. Novel method for graphics visualization, brings vivid and realistic 3D-depth into video playback. You need 3d glasses with DLP-Link for a full viewing experience. Download 3D app Rekindle 3D
To watch a full 3D movie online, you need to register on the Hotlink.cc site and Buy Premium access for a certain period (a month or more). Read more about the process of buying Premium here. You can also watch a Free fragment, a review of the film.

Once you have become a Premium and logged into your account on the Hotlink. Choose any movie you want to watch in 3D online 

On the films page, click Watch 3D movie online on HotLink

Ok, you are on Hotlink page! Click on the button Download file

Long tap on Direct Download Link button, copy link address

Attention! The Download File button is only available to Premium account. For this you need to become Premium on the site.

If link is copied, press the button Play in Rekindle 3D

The selected 3D film will open in the Rekindle 3D app and you can enjoy the film in 3D. In the settings, you can select side-by-side (SBS) or top/bottom (OU) 3D format.

Watch it in Rekindle 3D