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Space Dogs 3D online 2010

Space Dogs 3D online 2010

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Space Dogs 3D is a 2010 animated film that tells the incredible true story of the first living beings to be launched into space by the Soviet Union in the 1960s. The plot follows Belka and Strelka, two brave stray dogs, as they are selected and trained to become astronauts. After overcoming challenges and tests, they are launched into space on a historic space mission.

On board the spacecraft, Belka and Strelka face dangers and unexpected situations, but prove their courage and determination. During their journey, they make new friends, including a resourceful mouse named Call It and a group of mice and other creatures, with whom they work together to overcome obstacles.

The film highlights the true space feat of these brave dogs and celebrates their heroism in returning safely to Earth. Space Dogs 3D is a moving and educational film that captures the imagination of young and old, while paying tribute to the pioneers of the space program.
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