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Watch Full Movie A Mouse Tale 3D online 2012
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A Mouse Tale 3D online 2012

  • Country: Peru
  • Director: David Bisbano, Mychal Simka
  • Cast: Hernán Bravo, Natalia Rosminati, Ricardo Alanis
  • Language:English, German
  • Genre: Animation, Adventure
Step into the enchanting world of A Mouse Tale 3D an animated film that transports audiences to the magical kingdom of Rodencia, where mice coexist harmoniously under the rule of a wise and compassionate monarch. However, their peaceful existence is threatened by the nefarious plans of Rotex, an evil rat with ambitions to conquer Rodencia. In the face of this looming danger, an unexpected hero emerges: Edam, a young mouse filled with determination and courage. Edam embarks on a daring quest to

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