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Ice Age: Collision Course 3D Online 2016

Ice Age: Collision Course 3D Online 2016

  • Year: 2016
  • Country: USA
  • Director: Mike Thormayer, Galen T. Chu
  • Cast: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifa, Seann William Scott, Simon Pegg, Jennifer Lopez, Neil Tyson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jesse J
  • Genre: Animation Adventure Comedy
  • Language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
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In the cartoon "Ice Age: Collision Course 3d online", scratch – an eccentric squirrel who continues to try to hide the acorn, which is so hard for her to get. After several unpleasant incidents, she still manages to find a gorge completely covered with ice. This is where she is going to leave her prey. But the squirrel is waiting for a surprise again. The rodent gets into an alien ship. From surprise, the squirrel rushes in different directions and touches the lever that activates the starship. The dish is sent into space along with his passenger. Scratch unknowingly creates an entire solar system, but also causes a meteor to approach the Earth at high speed, which is a danger to all living beings.

Meanwhile, the friends realize that their future is in question, so they need to leave immediately. Now they will have to find a new place to live. Buck, who has finally recovered from a visit to the dinosaurs, insists on studying the meteorite debris, which may suggest how to prevent an impending disaster. They start a new adventure. In the process of finding a place where they can wait out the fall of the meteorite, they will encounter new exotic animals, see new species of plants. In addition, they are waiting for difficulties and obstacles. But all this is so easy to overcome when friends are together. Can they survive the disaster and find a new home?

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