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Abominable 3D Online 2019
In the world of, there is no place for miracles and fairy tales, and all the secrets have long been revealed. Only children continue to believe in Santa Claus, the antelope with the golden hoof, and the missing link. Lu and her loyal friends Jin and Peng live in the center of multi-million-dollar Shanghai, and there is no magic in their lives, of course, but they persistently and consciously explore their city, and one day they meet a young snowman on the roof of a high-rise building. The abominable 3d online turns out to be a very nice and good-natured guy, and very much wants to return to his native Himalayas, where in the very center of the ridge stands his home, Mount Everest. The heroes, of course, go on a campaign to deliver the young man to his relatives, but it turns out that the hired oligarch Bernish and the treacherous Doctor Zara have already come on his trail. They are ready to do anything to take possession of the legendary yeti.

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