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Trolls World Tour 3D Online 2020

Trolls World Tour 3D Online 2020

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In the cartoon Trolls World Tour 3d online, Queen Rose rules the land of trolls who love pop music. She learns that there are other peoples who love different musical styles: techno, funk, country, classical and rock. These are separate musical kingdoms, unlike each other. One day, Rose and her admirer Tsvetan receive a letter from the Queen of Rocks, the mistress of hard rock. Rose is happy about this and thinks that Rox will become her new friend.

The heroine does not yet know that all musical peoples are now on the verge of extinction. After all, insidious Rocks and her father Thrash want to take over the world, destroy other genres and leave only one music everywhere – heavy. To prevent this, Rose, Colors and their friends go on a journey to other kingdoms. They will have to unite and save their musical lands from evil fate. After all, as the Rose said, "in a world where everyone is the same and everyone sings the same thing, there can be no harmony."

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