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The Great Wall 3D Online 2016

The Great Wall 3D Online 2016

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Everyone knows about the existence of the Great Wall 3d online of China. However, few people know about the purpose for which it was built. The main version is to protect the country from nomads, but this is far from the case. The fact is that the inhabitants of this country are very superstitious people, so they built a wall to protect themselves from mythical creatures. In their opinion, it has a power that stops otherworldly creatures from entering their territory.

The main characters of the film are a group of soldiers who had an important task. The fact is that they must get gunpowder in China, and bring it to European countries. But on the way back, they encountered mythical creatures. In the course of fierce battles, only a few people remain alive. Having managed to avoid death, they enter the territory of the secret part. This is where the battle with these creatures begins. They will have to help other soldiers to save people. But what will they need to do? What is the plan of salvation? Will they be able to overcome the evil spirits, because there are just a huge number of them? You have to try hard, otherwise the irreparable can happen. But whether the forces will be enough remains unknown.

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