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The Amazing Spider-Man 3D Online 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man 3D Online 2012

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In the film The Amazing Spider-Man 3d online, little Peter Parker's parents are forced to leave in the care of his uncle and aunt. Parents are engaged in super-secret work and do not want to put their son in danger. However, they never manage to return. Thirteen years later, Peter still lives with his aunt and uncle. He lives like all the most ordinary boys: goes to school, is fond of photography and falls in love with beautiful girls. But one day, Peter finds his father's briefcase, in which there are his notes related to work. Finally, the boy will be able to learn something about the fate of his parents. In his briefcase, he finds a photo with Dr. Kurt Connors, who works at the Oscorp research center. Peter immediately goes to the science center, where he sneaks into a secret laboratory where they conduct experiments with spiders. There he meets the same spider, thanks to which he has superpowers. And then an ordinary young man Peter will begin a completely different life, full of amazing adventures and the most dangerous enemies.

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