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Star Trek Into Darkness 3D Online 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness 3D Online 2013

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All the heroes of the first series return to the screens to confront the new universal evil. What difficulties the crew of the ship "Enterprise" faced, you can see in the film "Star Trek: Retribution 3d online", which has become the most successful film in the series at the moment. During an operation to save the population of the distant planet Nibiru, the young captain of the starship Enterprise, James Kirk, breaks protocol to save his friend and first mate Spock, who is already preparing to sacrifice himself for the life of an entire planet. Upon returning to Earth, Kirk is reprimanded for his recklessness, and loses his ship, all thanks to the report of Spock, who was rescued by him. Kirk is annoyed, and a reasonable Vulcan can't figure out why. The friendship of the legendary heroes would have come to an end, if not for the appearance of a dangerous enemy, the fight against which only strengthened Kirk and Spock.

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