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Star Trek Beyond 3D Online 2016

Star Trek Beyond 3D Online 2016

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In the film Star Trek Beyond 3d online for more than two years, the crew of a spaceship called the Enterprise has been exploring every corner of our universe, exploring new galaxies that Starfleet receives a report on. The crew of the starship includes citizens of different planets, which are not at all similar to each other. However, their captain, who has a sharp mind and quick wit, was able to do everything to ensure that the crew was friendly and worked like a single organism. Now everyone is ready to protect their shipmate at the cost of their lives.
In addition, James Kirk was finally able to establish a relationship with his deputy Spock. They even became best friends and understood each other perfectly. However, space travel is a dangerous business, because you never know how the next flight will end. One day, their spaceship was attacked by an unknown alien race. The starship was destroyed, and the crew ended up on an unknown planet. Together, they could figure out what to do next, but they are scattered, and none of the team members have a connection with the others. It is there that Kirk meets an attractive stranger, who tells him that there are enemy creatures on the planet that will not leave anyone alive, so the captain needs to find everyone as soon as possible and figure out how to get back.

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