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The Suicide Squad 3D 2021

The Suicide Squad 3D 2021

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Another deadly mission for superheroes and supervillains with nothing to lose. Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Rick Flag, Boomerang, Polka-Dot Man, and a diverse cast of characters from the highly secure Belle Reve prison are tasked to aid the U.S. government. The island nation of Corto Maltese has slipped from Washington's control, now under the rule of dictator Silvio Luna, who possesses the secretive "Project Starfish." The deranged scientist, Thinker, conducts inhumane experiments on political prisoners within the Nazi-built facility called Jotunheim. The USA aims to prevent enemy access to classified technology. Hence, the suicide squad invades Corto Maltese. However, things go awry, leading Harley to be captured. The next team of "suicides" turns the island upside down, rescuing the heroine and ensuring not a trace remains of the Nazi laboratory.

Gunn's unique vision shines through, offering dark humor, intense action, and unexpected twists. The immersive 3D experience brings the chaotic battles and character dynamics to life, delivering an electrifying and visually stunning cinematic adventure.
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