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Ghost Rider 3D online 2007

Ghost Rider 3D online 2007

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Another superhero from the Marvel pantheon has found its on-screen incarnation in the fantastic action movie "Ghost Rider" 3d online. The protagonist was convincingly portrayed by the ubiquitous Nicolas Cage, reincarnated as a cool demonic biker. This is a story about a famous stuntman named Johnny Blaze, who managed to make a deal with Mephistopheles himself. For the sake of saving his father's life, Johnny signed a blood contract in hell. He sold his soul, but the devil still outsmarted him when his father, cured of cancer, died while performing one of the tricks. But the deal cannot be reversed - business is business, and now Johnny must be in the service of the ruler of the underworld. A few years later, a disobedient son of Mephistopheles named Blackhart comes to Earth, who wanted to seize his father's throne and power over the world of the living. The devil calls for Johnny's help, turning him into a dangerous fiery creature with a flaming skull.
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