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Scream 3D online 2022

Scream 3D online 2022

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A mysterious killer in a white mask and a black hoodie begins to terrorize the town of Woodsboro again. Sydney Prescott, who has already managed to survive a collision with a Ghostly face several times, is trying to find out what the connection of the new maniac is with the events of 25 years ago. The new film of the cult horror franchise.
25 years after the first appearance in Woodsboro of a bloodthirsty maniac nicknamed Ghost Face, the city is once again facing violence and brutality. A young girl named Tara Carpenter is alone at home when someone in a hoodie and a white mask attacks her. Tara manages to survive, but she ends up in the hospital, and information about what happened reaches her sister Sam, with whom she does not communicate. Sam returns to his hometown, meets with his sister and her friends and encounters a Ghostly Face. She tells Tara a terrible family secret, because of which she had to leave, and decides at all costs to deal with another masked killer. With the help of the brave Sidney Prescott and Gail Weathers, who have repeatedly faced the Ghost Face, Sam declares a real war on the maniac.
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