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Sucker Punch 3D online 2011

Sucker Punch 3D online 2011

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Some experts consider Zack Snyder's psychological thriller "Sucker Punch" 3d online to be a much underestimated work. At the time of the film's release, an unprecedented wave of criticism hit the director, which greatly affected the final box office. Nevertheless, the film deserves close attention, we recommend that you personally watch it online and make up your own opinion. The picture is also unique in that the action develops simultaneously in three realities generated by the consciousness of the main character. A young girl named Doll in the company of a little sister is left alone with a pervert stepfather when her mother dies after a long illness. Not wanting to indulge the whims of a lustful man, she thereby causes his anger and is forcibly sent to a psychiatric hospital. In the gloomy hospital casemates, the Doll's subconscious turns on a protective mechanism with which the girl travels through bizarre fantasy worlds in search of five important items. With these artifacts, the Doll and her four friends will be able to make a long-awaited escape from the clinic.
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