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The Cat in the Hat 3D online 2003

The Cat in the Hat 3D online 2003

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A real feast of sound and color. A bright, family fantasy based on the famous fairy tale by the American writer Dr. Seuss. Sally and Conrad are siblings, but they are complete opposites to each other: Conrad is an obnoxious mischief—maker and bully, and Sally is the very education and diligence, and, moreover, loves to command. One day, when the children were left alone at home, and it was boring, endless rain outside the window, and there was absolutely nothing to do, an unusual guest came to them: a humanoid cat in a huge striped hat. He brought his equally crazy friends with him, and together they turned the house upside down, turning it into a real Wonderland. Conrad and Sally had to go through a lot of difficult and dangerous tests before everything fell into place again. To see what kind of outrages the Cat and his entourage did, and how this unimaginable story ended, you can watch 3d online in the movie "The Cat in the Hat".
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