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Raya And The Last Dragon 3D online 2021

Raya And The Last Dragon 3D online 2021

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The brave daughter of Chief Raya goes in search of the last dragon. Only with its help can you defeat monsters that turn people into stone, but different countries are leading a fatal rivalry for dragon power. A great animation for the whole family from the Walt Disney Studio is a beautiful, exciting and kind fairy tale about peace, friendship and trust.
The beautiful country of Kumandra has long disappeared from the face of the Earth. It broke up into several states competing with each other. In the most prosperous of them, the land of the Heart, the legacy of the legendary defenders of the dragon people is preserved. In the battle for peace, they created a magic stone to defeat the Druuns – soulless creatures of darkness and chaos, pulling the life out of everyone in their path. Now the young Raya becomes the keeper of the dragon artifact. She is a brave warrior and the daughter of a kind leader who dreams of the rebirth of Kumandra. But envious neighbors respond to his kindness with betrayal: through their fault, the magic stone splits into pieces. Dark Druuns are flooding the world again. So, once again, you can't do without the magic of dragons, and Raya hopes to find the last of the mythical creatures. Only during a long journey does she realize that the decisive step remains for the people themselves, including her personally. We offer you to watch the fabulously beautiful and inspiring cartoon "Raya and the last Dragon" 3d online.
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