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Texas Chainsaw 3D online 2013

Texas Chainsaw 3D online 2013

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The local sheriff agreed to arrange for Jeb Sawyer, who was hiding under a Leather Face, to have an honest trial and provide him with a lawyer. However, his intentions are hindered by the mayor, who leads a crowd of people eager to lynch a bloody maniac. When the situation starts to get out of control, and the townspeople begin to get along with loops for the killer, someone throws a molotov cocktail into Sawyer's house. The house burns down, and with it, everyone who was in it, including Jeb himself and his father, perish in the fire. Of course, after a certain time, the chainsaw murders begin again. The sheriff's first guess is that Jeb Sawyer survived and decided to take revenge. But is it really him? And if not, then who?
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