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Green Lantern 3D online 2011

Green Lantern 3D online 2011

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Intergalactic war, superheroes and a threat to all mankind! Interested? Then we recommend watching the fantastic action movie "Green Lantern" 3d online. No, the story will not be about a green light bulb, but about a defender of the world, an invincible warrior and his green tights. And it's better to believe in the seriousness of Ryan Reynolds, otherwise we'll all have a hard time. But the director of the film is Martin Campbell himself, so you don't have to worry and completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the film. Bright battles, funny situations, love, courage and ... ridiculous situations are a great recipe for a great family evening! We are not alone in the universe. We already guessed that. However, other races know about us and do not have the slightest confidence in humans. And some even want to destroy it. But we also have defenders, who, however, also have a low opinion of people. But randomly, Hal gets a green ring that grants unprecedented strength and superpowers to those who wear it. Now the aliens will get to know Homo Sapiens better!
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