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Saw 3D online 2010

Saw 3D online 2010

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The final part of Saw - not just a franchise, but a full-fledged subgenre of horror - is directed by Kevin Grothert, author of Circles of the Devil, Visions and the sixth Saw. Starring Tobin Bell and Costas Mandylor. A character named Bobby Dagen wrote a book about how he survived Jigsaw's trials, although in fact he had never been in his captivity. But life gives him a chance to fix it, whether he wants it or not. Meanwhile, John Kramer's wife tells the FBI that Hoffman is Jigsaw's real successor. The forces of the employees are aimed at searching for the former detective. Special attention deserves the soundtrack of the film, as if native to him in spirit.
It includes unknown songs from Dir en gray, Boom Boom Satellites, Saliva, Krokus, Hinder, Karnivool and Chester Bennington (as part of his solo project Dead By Sunrise).
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