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In the film Gods of Egypt, after years of prosperity and stability, Egypt is plunging into darkness. The ancient Gods clashed in a battle for power over all of Egypt. Seth kills his brother Osiris, and his son, the God Horus, is defeated in battle and loses his eyes, the source of his power, but the young God manages to survive. Seth has usurped power and all the people of the country are in slavery, and those who refuse to obey will die. Bek is a petty thief in love with the girl Zaya, the slave of the court architect. She convinces the thief to steal the eyes of Horus and return them to God, but they are overtaken by the chase and the girl is killed. Bek has only one hope left in the god Horus, only he will be able to resurrect his beloved and save Egypt and the whole earth from Seth…

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