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Men In Black 3 3D online 2012

Men In Black 3 3D online 2012

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Sequel to the famous sci-fi comedy starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. From the previous parts of the film, everyone knows that aliens have been living on Earth for a long time, and their behavior is controlled by the special department of the CIA "People in Black". But even in this well-established system, failures occur.
The most dangerous criminal Boris the Animal is fleeing from the Lunar Prison - the last representative of the Boglodite race, who once destroyed planets one after another. Boris plans to return to the past, change the world and finally take revenge. His main enemy is Agent Kay. Once it was he who was able to arrest Boris, to deprive him of his hand and come up with a special protection of the Earth from the Boglodites. The animal manages to turn his plan into reality: one fine morning, Agent Jay, Kay's colleague, wakes up in a new world where no one remembers his partner alive, and the Boglodites threaten the Earth again. Jay does not like this new world at all, and he goes to 1969 in the movie Men In Black 3 3d online.  
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