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Alice Through the Looking Glass 3D Online 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass 3D Online 2016

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The second part of the adventure film by James Bobin called "Alice through the Looking Glass 3d online", based on the book of the same name by Lewis Carroll, is released on the screens of cinemas. In this part, Alice will have to go back in time to rescue the Mad Hatter and find answers to the riddles of the Red Queen. In the second part of the film, Alice will enter the magical land through a mirror. When she finds herself in the Underworld, the girl learns that her friend the Mad Hatter is on the verge of going to the bad side. Now only Alice can save her best friend from the dark side. But to help out the Hatter, Alice will have to go through a lot.

Alice comes to the aid of His Majesty Time. He looks like half a man and half a clock. The girl wants him to help her change the time. He begins to warn Alice that over time, jokes are bad and this can all turn into irreparable consequences. But she still decides to go back in time. Far in the past, she sees her friends. They are still very young. Alice begins to reveal many secrets from the past. And most importantly, the girl reveals the secrets of the Red Queen.

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