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Twixt 3D online 2011

Twixt 3D online 2011

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In Twixt 3D, out-of-inspiration writer Hall Baltimore (Kilmer) arrives in a remote town and finds himself embroiled in a suspicious murder mystery. In a dream, the ghost of a bloody girl V (Fanning) appears to him, who is trying to reveal to him a certain secret. Perhaps, only by unraveling the chain of strange events, Hall can finally write a new book about vampires, the other world and Edgar Allan Poe.
Francis Ford Coppola on the film: This film is a combination of a gothic novel, a very personal story for me, and in part my tribute to the genre of horror, with which I began my career as a protégé of Roger Corman in the movies Twixt 3d blu ray.
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