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Alice in Wonderland 3D Online 2010

Alice in Wonderland 3D Online 2010

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In the film Alice in Wonderland 3d online, it seems that all the factors have developed. This film adaptation of Carroll is not the first, but every time the idea is very risky. After all, to translate such a figurative, allegorical and in a good sense strange literary work into the language of cinema is not an easy task. The life of 19-year-old Alice Kingsley takes an unexpected turn. At a Victorian party held in her honor, Alice is proposed to by Hamish, the rich but stupid son of Lord and Lady Ascot. Without giving an answer, the girl runs away and goes after the rabbit she saw on the lawn. A rabbit is like a rabbit, except that he is wearing a doublet and keeps looking at his pocket watch.

Alice chases the White Rabbit across the meadow and sees it disappear into a rabbit hole. Then, all of a sudden, Alice falls there herself, flies down a strange, fairy-tale tunnel, and lands in a circular hall with many doors. Drinking from the bottle labeled "DRINK ME", it is reduced in size, and bite of the cake labeled "EAT ME" grows. Finally, after a series of misadventures, Alice gets through one of the doors to a wonderful fantasy world, which its inhabitants call the Underground Country.

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