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Encounter In the Third Dimension 3D online 1999

Encounter In the Third Dimension 3D online 1999

  • Year: 1999
  • Country: Belgium
  • Director: Ben Stassen, Sean MacLeod Phillips
  • Cast: Stuart Pankin, Cassandra Peterson, Harry Shearer, Andrea Thompson
  • Genre: Adventure Comedy
  • Language: English
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The events of the film begin to unfold at the Institute of 3D Technologies. The brilliant, though slightly absent-minded, professor of this institute kindly offers to listen to a short course on such technologies. However, then, not satisfied with dry scientific explanations, he introduces the guide Elvira to the audience, and demonstrates his latest development, 3D apparatus for "real vision" called "auditor".
In those moments when problems arise with the demonstration, the Professor calls his other assistant for help. This talkative flying robot named Max is designed to entertain the audience and familiarize them with the miracle of creating and reproducing 3D images.
And in order for viewers to better understand the history of 3D technology, Max invites them to take a short trip in time, which covers the period from rock paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphs to the Renaissance, when the phenomenon of perspective was discovered in the 16th century.
Determined to prove that modern three-dimensional cinema in its size and quality surpasses everything that has been invented before, the Professor invites viewers to look into his film library, which contains the best 3D films created over the past twenty years. He proudly showcases videos filmed specifically for theme parks, including James Cameron's film Terminator 2: 3D. Enjoying the effect produced, the Professor re-starts his "real vision" machine - the "auditor". Surprisingly, it works! Elvira magically comes to life in a three-dimensional image, a triumph of science. No, the Professor is a true genius in the movies Encounter In the Third Dimension 3d online.
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