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In the movie Jupiter Ascending 3d online, the heroine with a rare, especially for a girl, the name Jupiter was born under a starry sky and throughout her life received signs that are somehow connected with the stars. Jupiter has strange dreams that seem to beckon her to another planet, but every morning she returns to the harsh reality of Chicago, where she has to get up before dawn and clean other people's luxurious homes to earn a living. Jupiter is alone, and she has absolutely no place to wait for help. But everything changes when she meets the courageous handsome Kane, who, no less, came from another planet to reveal to the girl the secret of her true destiny. It turns out that she is the reincarnation of the mother of one of the heirs of a powerful dynasty, and her DNA is perfect for restoring the balance of power in the universe. It is Jupiter who must ascend to the universal throne, and Kane is going to help her in this.

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