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Dial M for Murder 3D Online 1954

Dial M for Murder 3D Online 1954

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The Alfred Hitchcock classic. Detective thriller "In case of murder, type" M " 3d online. The Wendys ' married life is under threat. Apparently tired of her husband's aimless existence, Margot Wendis succumbs to a fleeting infatuation with another man, which later develops into a full-fledged relationship on the side. Once a successful and well-known tennis player, Tony Wendis, Margot's husband, used his enviable position all his life, giving nothing in return. When he learns of the infidelity, he realizes that, being the owner of their entire fortune, Margot will leave him with empty pockets in the event of a breakup. Then the negligent husband plots the murder of a rich wife, in the hope of receiving an inheritance after her death. To ensure a true alibi, Tony uses blackmail to force his old friend Swan Lesgate to commit his plan when he himself will be at the party. However, the plan for the perfect murder suddenly misfires.

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