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Hercules 3D Online 2014

Hercules 3D Online 2014

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Hercules 3d online is a demigod from ancient Greek myths and legends, the son of Zeus and an earth woman. Cursed by the gods, he is forced to perform twelve feats that immortalized his name and forever made him the greatest hero of all time. Traveling through these years and performing feats, Hercules finds his like-minded people-six men and women who find pleasure only in battle and are ready to fight for anyone, as long as they pay well. Hercules creates a team of desperate warriors to fight evil. This is what the Cretan king, who hired Hercules and his team, seems to be going to do at first. However, the more Hercules learns about the king, the more he realizes that his goal is not good deeds at all. The treacherous ruler planned to attack Olympus and overthrow the gods themselves…

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