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In the movie Pacific Rim 3d online, in the near future, our planet is subject to an alien invasion, but not from space, as everyone is used to, but from under the water. Giant monsters, which everyone calls Kaiju, are destroying coastal cities around the world, but to counter the monsters, humanity has created its own - giant humanoid robots, called Jaegers and controlled by a pair of pilots who are in a neurodrift. At first, humans won, but the aliens became stronger and stronger – as a result, the campaign of robotic protection of humanity was curtailed. From the remaining Rangers, the former program manager, Marshal Pentecost, assembled a militia for the final battle. Who would have thought that the main weapon in the upcoming battle will be an old combat vehicle under the control of a battered pilot who lost his brother in battle, and an inexperienced trainee with a child psychological trauma...

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