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Mulan 3D Online 2020

Mulan 3D Online 2020

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In the movie Mulan 3d online, Since childhood, Hua Mulan has learned to suppress the spiritual energy or qi that men need on the battlefield, but not women. It tries to contain the innate power for the peace of the parents and their own future dictated by traditions. But what if the old trodden path is a stranger, not you? Mullan defies prohibition when in danger is a beloved father and the whole kingdom. The northern invaders, led by Storm Khan, are threatening the people of China. To fight them, the emperor calls a man from each family, and the elder father Mulan has no sons. Wearing her armor, she pretends to be a young man and arms herself with a sword engraved with the hieroglyphics of the three most important virtues: "Faithfulness. Bravery. Honesty». Mulan has no difficulty with the first two, but pretension and deception take away the power she needs to win. Only by accepting the truth can she reveal her gift and understand her true calling.

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