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In the movie "Ready Player One 3d online", the middle of the XXI century – the era of overpopulated slums, total crisis, poverty and the computer game OASIS. Most people who can't stand the hopelessness of real life, run away from it to the virtual world, where everything is possible: to perform feats, to make riches, to change their appearance, to fulfill their dreams... 18-year-old orphan Wade Watts lives in the OASIS world under the nickname "Parsifal". He is one of the most devoted fans of the genius developer James Halliday, who passed away a few years ago. Before his death, Halliday left a will: all his fortune, and most importantly – power over OASIS, will go to the player who finds the secret - "Easter egg". Every day, the most persistent fans, members of the mysterious resistance and mercenaries from the greedy Innovative Online Industries corporation are engaged in its search. But the "dark horse" Parsifal manages to unravel the first key to the Easter egg.

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