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In the film passengers 3d online, the action takes place in the distant future, where our planet is completely unsuitable for further human habitation on it. But for humanity, this is not such a problem, because the technology of earthlings now allows you to evacuate almost completely the entire population of the planet. People on a huge ship go to the depths of space in search of a new home. In order to reach the intended destination, people will have to spend at least ninety years in flight. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to reach their destination. For this reason, people are put into cryo sleep.

But for some unknown reason, the program crashes in the system. In one of the capsules, the cryo-freezing system is turned off and the awakening process begins. Coming out of the state of freezing, the man realizes that he is the only one who woke up ahead of time, and to spend the remaining ninety years alone is a very gloomy prospect. Immediately, the question matures in my head, and what to do now. He sees only one way out of this situation, to wake up someone else. He finds the cutest girl on this ship and switches her capsule to defrost mode. But as soon as the girl comes to her senses, she realizes that they still have a very, very long time to fly to their destination, she simply falls into a stupor, she is indignant. But this can be said to be no problem at all compared to what will happen next.

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