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Pacific Rim: Uprising 3D Online 2018

Pacific Rim: Uprising 3D Online 2018

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Ten years ago, humans managed to defeat the kaiju monsters that emerged from the rift at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean-a portal to another dimension opened by aliens. All these years, the world has been recovering and building up its strength, fearing a new attack. However, for Jake Pentecost, the son of the heroically deceased Marshal Pentecost, all this is a matter of bygone days. The guy who, according to many, could become a legend, has abandoned the service and is engaged in illegal trade in spare parts from "jaegers" (huge robots created once by people to fight kaiju). When Jake is once again arrested by the police, his half-sister Mako suggests that he return to the Pacific Defense Corps Pilot Academy and take up cadet training. Realizing that this is the only way to avoid jail, Jake agrees. He hopes that in a couple of months he will leave the army again, but humanity is threatened by a new war with the Kaiju, in the movie Pacific Rim: Uprising 3d onine

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