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In the depths of the African continent, among the mountain ranges and impenetrable jungles, the ancient state of Wakanda is located. For the whole world, it is the poorest country, but in fact, Wakanda is the most advanced state in the world, hiding its knowledge and technology from everyone. All this Wakandans managed to achieve thanks to vibranium – the strongest metal from which clothes, equipment and superweapons are made here. With the help of Wakanda weapons, you can enslave the whole world, so you can not allow the metal to fall into the hands of madmen. That is why the Wakandans decided to hide from the world many years ago. In addition, their safety was always protected by a special guard – a Black Panther-endowed with superhuman strength, speed and flair. Only one person ever managed to sneak into Wakanda and steal a certain amount of vibranium – the villain Ulysses Clo. King T'Chaka had tried for years to find Clo, but the latter had always managed to escape. Now T'Chaka is dead, and his son T'Challa, the bearer of the title of Black Panther, will ascend to the throne. Meanwhile, Ulysses Clos decided to remind himself again. After stealing an unknown Wakandan artifact made of vibranium from a London museum, Clo intends to resell it to an American in South Korea. T'Challa gives his word that he will catch Clo, and he will finally be brought before the Wakanda court. However, the young king has yet to learn that behind the old enemy lies an even more powerful force-one who is ready to claim the throne of Wakanda and tell the truth about this country to the whole world, in the "Black Panther 3d online."

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