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Beauty and the Beast 3D Online 2017

Beauty and the Beast 3D Online 2017

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In a beautiful castle, surrounded by luxury, lives a prince who has made a fatal mistake. For his frivolity and mockery of the sorceress, he was cursed by her and turned into a horned Monster, and now the once-perfect young man spends his days in the dark with his servants turned into furniture. And far beyond the forest lives Belle, the first beauty of the whole village, a wayward and well-read girl who dreams of true love and does not want to look in the direction of the boastful Gaston. One day, her father, whom she dotes on, does not return from a trip, and Belle rushes to save him. The faithful horse Philip brings her to the very castle where the Monster lives. But Belle is brave at heart and believes that you can't see true beauty with your eyes, ine the movie Beauty and the Beast 3d online.

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