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The Legend Of Hercules 3D Online 2014
American fantasy-action film by Rennie Harlin. The Legend Of Hercules 3d online is based on the classic ancient Greek myths about the adventures of Hercules 3d online. This is the first of two Paramount Pictures Hollywood films about Hercules, which are scheduled for release in 2014. Familiar stories from childhood are complemented by impressive special effects. 1200 BC, Ancient Greece. Alcmene succumbed to the charm of the main god of Olympus, Zeus, and soon gave him a son named Hercules. Hercules is a half-human, half-god, and he is born with remarkable strength and beauty. The boy is destined to become one of the greatest warriors that ever existed. Hercules has a lover, the Princess Hebe, who, however, must become the wife of his brother. Hercules will have many difficulties on the way to his happiness with Hebe: he must defeat the centaur, defeat the giants, deceive the goddesses of Fate, and finally save his Hebe.

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