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In the African savanna, the Lion King Mufasa gives birth to the heir Simba, who is prepared for a difficult path from a spoiled fidget to an outcast, from a carefree tramp to the protector and master of all animals. A realistic animated film in the footsteps of Disney's favorite classic The Lion King 3D was shot by a team of computer graphics virtuosos led by director Jon Favreau (The Jungle Book 3D). Familiar characters from childhood, singing legendary songs, return twenty-five years later in the guise of real animals, to once again tell an immortal tale about family and friendship, choice and duty, continuity and the Circle of life.

Cub Simba knew from early childhood that one day he would become the Lion King. The loss of his father, the majestic and fearless Mufasa, the treachery of his uncle, who seized power; guilt, flight from the pride, new friends and the philosophy of carelessness "akuna matata" force Simba to forget about his destiny. But the beast kingdom still needs a real king, and one day he will remember the way home.

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