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TRON: Legacy 3D Online 2010

TRON: Legacy 3D Online 2010

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In the film TRON: Legacy 3d online, sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the heir to a huge computer corporation left to him by his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) twenty-five years ago. It was then that Kevin, who created the artificial alternative space, disappeared without a trace. And now the son, having received a "hello" from nowhere, goes in search of a parent who is a hostage of his own creation. Having met in cyberspace, father and son, along with the hot-hearted beauty Quarra (Olivia Wilde), will try to get out of the inky neon mazes of computer technology and breathe in the fresh earth air. The main enemy of the heroes is the Copying Personal Utility (Clu) - Kevin's cyberclone, a ruthless idealist who stands guard over the ideal world.

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