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The Monkey King 2 3D Online 2016

The Monkey King 2 3D Online 2016

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The adventures of the Monkey King 2 3d online continue. This time, he must protect the wandering monk from the Bone Witch, who prevents him from continuing his journey. The man went on a long journey to get the scriptures. The first battle was successful, the monk was saved, now he must be accompanied to the very end. Detractors continue to spin intrigues, the Monkey King needs to be vigilant, but his thoughts are carried away in the legends of the distant past. For almost five hundred years, the King was imprisoned by the Five Elements. The reason for the captivity is known only to him, but the Goddess came to the rescue, not allowing the prisoner to escape. She offers to accompany the monk, becoming his disciple along the way. He will be able to comprehend unknown knowledge, and on the way the couple will meet new personalities who have expressed a desire to become a monk's disciple.

Zhu Bajie-the pig man, the Righteous monk Sha Sen will keep them company, but the demon White Bone will appear on the way. The evil spirits do not explain the reasons for the attack, but the Monkey King considers it his duty to protect his friends who are trying to achieve a good goal. The way back will be difficult, but the King learns to be kind and merciful, although he considers the attack the best defense. For a monk, demons are primarily their souls, not evil thoughts, so it is increasingly difficult for travelers to find a compromise.

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