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Deepsea Challenge 3D online 2014

Deepsea Challenge 3D online 2014

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The legendary director is known for his passion for the depths of the sea, and in this picture he offers the audience a wonderful opportunity: to dive to the bottom of the Mariinsky Depression and unravel its ancient secrets… Multiple Oscar winner, creator of the iconic Titanic and, perhaps, one of the most famous and famous film directors in the world, James Cameron is also a passionate explorer of the oceans. What secrets do these majestic depths of the sea hold and will a person ever be able to unravel them? For a long time, Cameron and his team have been working on creating a capsule that can sink almost to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, that is, about 11,000 meters under water. In the entire history of the planet, man has never descended to such a depth. Will the director succeed in his ambitious idea? And if so, what incredible beauties and amazing secrets will be revealed to him in the documentary Deepsea Challenge 3d online.
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