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Pete's Dragon 3D online 2016

Pete's Dragon 3D online 2016

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Parents take little Pete on a hike through the forests of the northwestern United States. Along the way, the car gets into an accident, the adults die, and Pete is left alone in the middle of the forest thicket. Suddenly, the boy meets an amazing creature – a huge green dragon, which usually hides from people, as it can become invisible. The dragon, whom Pete calls Elliot, takes care of the baby and raises him in the forest. Six years later, loggers get to the places where Pete and Elliot live, and the boy is found by the huntsman Grace, who is trying to protect the protected forests. While the woman is trying to figure out how Pete survived where even an adult could not "robinsonit" alone, her fiance's brother Gavin finds traces of a dragon and goes hunting with friends.
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