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Home 3D Online 2015

Home 3D Online 2015

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"Home 3d online" - a fantastic comedy cartoon from the studio Dreamworks, telling the story of funny, but determined alien creatures-Boov, settled on Earth. Powerful enemies have driven the Boov from their home planet, and they have had to urgently find a new home. After a long search, the choice fell on the Ground. Under the leadership of Captain Smek, the space nomads took over the territory they liked. With humanity, they decided to do what they thought was humane – they were engaged in the improvement of a new planet for them, and the people were grouped in isolated reservations. One brave girl with a beautiful name Dar manages to escape from the invaders, but suddenly she runs into one of them – this is a stray from the collective and exiled from the tribe, but a very positive buv named O. Daru and O will have to make friends and save the Earth together.

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