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Monster Family 2 3D online 2021

Monster Family 2 3D online 2021

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A year has passed since the events of the first story, which so changed the usual life of the Wishbone family, which turned into real monsters.
However, each of our heroes is concerned about very ordinary life problems. Teenager Max is in the eighth grade, and school life is not easy for the boy: classmates constantly laugh at him.
Not everything is going smoothly for his older sister Fei either: it seems to her that, unlike herself, all her friends have interesting abilities and talents.
Mom Emma tries to help the children deal with these life challenges, but they, like all teenagers, often ignore her advice. Dad Frank, who is finally happy at work, worried about family discord.
But now the Wishbones receive very good news, which, it seems, can distract from adversity at least for a while. Baba Yaga is to marry the Hunchback and invites the entire Wishbone family to the celebration. However, the holiday is disrupted due to the kidnapping of the bride and groom, who fall into the hands of a monster hunter. To save their friends, the Wishbones will again have to become a vampire, Frankenstein, a werewolf and a mummy in the cartoon Monster Family 2 3d online.
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