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Dragon Nest Warriors' Dawn 3D online 2014

Dragon Nest Warriors' Dawn 3D online 2014

  • Year: 2014
  • Country: China
  • Director: Yuefeng Song
  • Cast: Jiao Xu, Guanlin Ji, Ying Huang, Dawei Shen, Xianglong Meng, Ye Sun, Tian Jing, Hong Shang, Zitong Xia, Ge Hu, Blythe Auffarth, Graham Beckel
  • Genre: Animation Adventure Fantasy
  • Language: English
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Who would have thought that the always clumsy but undoubtedly talented guy would become a great hero who would save his most beautiful planet from the awakened evil?
For many years, while the legendary Black Dragon slept, the land of Alter kept a fragile peace between the races of people, elves and animals unknown to our world. When he woke up the terrified inhabitants were forced to flee through the island in an attempt to find salvation.
Our hero Lambert, in the company of his furry companions, sets off on a journey full of fun and adventure, meeting real friends and love in the face of a beautiful elven girl. Together, they find a secret path to the dragon's cave, and the young warrior fulfills the most important mission entrusted to him: he enters the trust of the Black Dragon in order to emerge victorious with honor and humor in the cartoon Dragon Nest Warriors' Dawn 3d online.
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