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The hero of the picture cars 3d blu ray  is a racing car McQueen, nicknamed "Lightning", who is used to living only at full speed. During the rally, McQueen drops out of the race, mistakenly leaving the route, and finds himself in a small town. There he meets other characters-the tractor Master (he wants to become the fastest car in the category "reverse"), the Italian car salesman, who constantly offers "Lightning" to buy new tires, the tattoo artist Ramon, who persuades McQueen to repaint, and the star of the city-the beautiful Sally ("Porsche 911"). All these cars become friends of" Lightning " and help him see the meaning of life not only in the eternal pursuit of fame and success, but also in the simple joys of the car. McQueen himself helps his friends breathe new life into the city, which was removed from all car maps after a new state-of-the-art expressway was laid next to it in the cartoon Cars 3d online.
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